Who are we as a brand?

Medicinal mushrooms, allies for your health and immune system.

What our ancestors and ancient traditional medicine knew for thousands of years has now also been scientifically proven: medicinal mushrooms contribute to a healthy resistance and support our self-healing capacity. And that is not surprising because medicinal mushrooms contain a range of ingredients that support our immune system and give a boost to a healthy body.

Mogu-Star connects passion with knowledge and that is reflected in our special products. Mogu-Star's medicinal mushrooms are organic quality products that have been developed under the very best conditions. With this, Mogu-Star guarantees to sustainably support your health. Mogu-Star products are exclusively sourced from the EU.

Due to the growing awareness of the effect of plant-based food on the human body, it became increasingly clear that mushrooms could be "the" solution.

From that point of view, we are convinced that everything revolves around the right balance and that meat, fish and vegetables also play a very important role in this.
During this development, there was already close collaboration with various universities and the addition of Kevin Kuijsters, Wageningen University, was a perfect match.
We are also pleased that our team has been expanded with Iva Jasselien Guirguis, who has been supporting Kees de Jong for many years.


Een inkijkje in onze gecertificeerde productie ruimte in Praag.

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  • Iva Jasselien Guirguis

    As an assistant to Kees de Jong, I have been involved for several years in the development, worldwide, of what happens to edible cultivated, wild and medicinal mushrooms.

    More and more on this journey I discovered that mushrooms play a very important role in the healthy aging of people.

    In the MOGU team I feel valued for the additional skills such as administration, communication, social media, preparation for fairs/presentations and tastings.

    My background and network with the ROC Mondriaan school community and The Hague University of Applied Sciences enables me to introduce young people to the mushroom phenomenon early in their development.

  • Keith de Jong

    Entrepreneur in fresh products for more than 50 years.

    With a father as a market gardener and a mother with shops, Kees developed himself as a "bridge builder" by speaking the language of the producer and the consumer.

    Around 2000, the foundations for knowledge of mushrooms were laid in China, Japan and South Korea.

    By following internships in the USA and Canada, we also worked on the scientific basis of what consumption of mushrooms means in the human body.

    Eventually, in close collaboration with universities in Prague, Singapore, Sydney and Wageningen, the idea arose to offer powders in capsules on the market.

    Accompanied by Peter van Ineveld, Kevin Kuijsters and Iva Jasselien, we are highly motivated to help people grow old healthily with our products.

  • Kevin Kuysters

    As general manager, Kevin Kuijsters is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of Mogu-Star.

    Kevin graduated as a biochemist at Wageningen University, where he became familiar with the health-promoting effects of mushrooms

    The knowledge he gained there served as an inspiration to make the health-promoting effects known to a wider audience.

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