Why medicinal mushrooms?

They are called Reishi, Cordyceps, Eikhaas, Shiitake, Elfenbankje or Lion's Mane: forgotten mushrooms from a distant past of ancient traditional medicine. But thanks to new scientific studies, these medicinal mushrooms have been rediscovered and are a breakthrough in the cure and prevention of many ailments.

  • immunity

    Your immune system is your body's main defense against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Our immune supplement focuses entirely on this.

  • Concentration

    Your brain is the basis for controlling your body. In order for this organ to function normally, we recommend our supplement developed for concentration and memory.

  • vitality

    Vitality means feeling good, both physically and mentally. We recommend our supplement aimed at vitality to people who work on a vital lifestyle.

The ingredients of medicinal mushrooms are very diverse. They contain a broad spectrum of minerals, trace elements and almost all B vitamins. In addition, they also contain essential amino acids. One of the main ingredients of medicinal mushrooms is the essential sugars. These essential sugars are the building blocks of the so-called polysaccharides and beta-glucans. Polysaccharides and Beta-glucans are able to stimulate our immune system, making our body more resistant to pathogens. Because each medicinal mushroom contains its own unique combination of specific polysaccharides, each medicinal mushroom activates the immune system in its own special way. That is why medicinal mushrooms are able to bring our body back to a state of equilibrium, homeostasis!

The team behind MOGU-Star aims to sell only high-quality and safe products based on knowledge and science. To realize our vision, we only use European companies that can offer the highest quality medicinal mushrooms.


Reishi is the most famous medicinal mushroom. That is not surprising because the benefits of this special mushroom are unprecedented. The use of Reishi dates back more than 2000 years: within ancient Chinese medicine, Reishi was already known as 'Lingzhi', 'Mushroom of Immortality'. Lingzhi belongs to the most superior mushroom within this traditional medicine. Reishi mainly relates to our immune system and various important organs such as the liver and lungs. Reishi's ingredients immediately indicate that we are dealing with a special beneficial mushroom. Reishi contains more than 400 bio-active substances including important triterpenes, polysaccharides GL-PS, adenosine and mannitol.

Reishi from Mogu-Star is of organic production.


Shiitake, not only a tasty but also a very beneficial mushroom. The original use of Shiitake lies in Kampō medicine: a medicine that was introduced in Japan from the 7th century. Shiitake was revered for its beneficial effects on respiratory problems, arthritis, exhaustion and weakness. Today, Shiitake mainly provides an answer to our Western lifestyle. Shiitake is known for its adaptogenic properties and for its high content of antioxidants. These protect tissues and the DNA in cells against free radicals and thus against oxidative stress. Shiitake contains important polysaccharides and beta-glucans such as lentinan, mannoglucan and eritadenine.

Lion's Mane

Its appearance lives up to its name: like a lion's head with a long mane, this mushroom hangs high in the trees. Not only its appearance is impressive, the beneficial properties of this medicinal mushroom are widely praised.

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this medicinal mushroom has already been appreciated for its supportive effect in case of stress and emotional complaints. Lions Mane was also used for gastrointestinal problems. Lions Mane is a medicinal mushroom that resonates with our nervous system, brain and memory. Lions Mane also comes into the picture in supporting the gastrointestinal tract and digestion. Lions Mane contains important polysaccharides and beta-glucans such as Polysaccharide HEM, erinacin and triterpenes.