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Medicinal Mushrooms | Peter van Ineveld

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The West is beginning to see what the East has known for centuries: medicinal mushrooms are powerful disease fighters. And not only the Eastern variants, also the fairy bench that you will find here in the woods can be used in the treatment of many ailments such as autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancer, etc.

The use of medicinal mushrooms (the 'mycotherapy') therefore has a long history. In Asian countries, in countries like
China, Japan and Korea:
– the application of medicinal mushrooms is part of the normal therapeutic actions
– is used to treat both psychological and somatic disorders

It is estimated that there are approximately 140,000 different types of mushrooms worldwide, of which 15,000 are now known.
Of these, about 800 can be used for one or more medical indications.
In this book, the author describes the practical efficacy of the various mushrooms, applied to a wide range of ailments.
He makes it clear:
– that he works from a holistic perspective
– as a basis he always starts from the regular medical diagnosis
– all supplements are exclusively supplied by a (natural) pharmacy
– that descriptions and advice have been medically tested
and scientific findings